Increase Effectiveness  Avoid Bad Hires

We support you in filtering out exactly the candidates that correspond to your current and future requirements best. For this, we ask you questions in advance, e.g.: What significance does the employee have? What knowledge, what abilities and what characteristics are required? What experience and behavior patterns are relevant for success? And what sort of corporate culture will the new employee be faced with?

During the selection process, we see three fundamental building blocks:  

  • Identifying – We want to analyze and understand who exactly is the right employee for your company. 
  • Evaluating – The Talk Together principle of the standardized assessment process is characterized by a highly predictive quality and is made up of psychometric test processes and a structured interview.
  • Deciding – We dont just issue you a versatile, illustrated report and leave you hanging. You will receive specific decision recommendations from us including the justifications necessary for them.