We Raise Your Success Rate!       

  • Supporting and safeguarding selection decisions (internal/external employees)
  • Minimizing risk in the staffing of key positions
  • Strategic personnel development, planning specific personnel development measures
  • Personal situation analysis of managers and service providers
  • Restructuring / strategic realignment of companies
  • Change in partnership/management
  • Mergers & acquisitions

Assessing the defining experiences and skills as well as the motivation of a personality in the scope of personnel due diligence is being practiced more and more often, even by many medium-sized companies. 

And with us, you can set an example for your employees and potential candidates without taking any ‘extra steps’: You will strengthen your employer brand through modern and future-oriented approaches. 

We work exclusively with scientifically based methods and deliver technically sound and coherent analyses so that important personnel decisions can be made objectively.

Demand the highest competence from your experts – it’s what you deserve and your company needs!